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It's beautiful.. I've looked at this for five hours now.

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Very pleasant and chill game though the lack of any particular conflict or challenge decreases the engagement I had with the game. Even the most chill games have a level of conflict (that is easy to fight back again) imo.

The way we interact with the rain clouds and make it rain is, however, an extremely great touch and its awesome to include it and keep it in!

The most intriguing thing about this game is that the hilarity begins right from the main menu, extremely well thought-out idea on your part, good one!

The game, as a whole is extremely simple, but most of the experience is derived from the hilarity that ensues of the extending hand, and watching the replays of your failed attempts (and watching your hand split to multiple hands). Good job designing a tight, simple but enjoyable gameplay - as well as giving it a good premise to make it extremely hilarious to enjoy.

The highscore is a good touch for a skillful game such as this, especially with the speed-up feature that will seperate the good from the best ring putters.

Hey this is awesome! Really enjoyed what I played here:

The good:
Pretty good controls overall, nothing too difficult, and you've definitely fleshed out the game as a much more tight, mechanically-demanding platformer game with the likes of Celeste. It was easy to pick up and learn and you've tailor made good tutorialisation in the beginning to familiarise with the controls.

My personal suggestion is maybe you should make an auto-glide feature where if you hold spacebar, you will transition from jump into a glide at the apex of the jump? Consider playtesting with that and see how it goes.

Great art, music and art style that all blends in extremely well and gives off that gameboy feel. A cohesive artstyle is difficult to pull off and takes time to master and you've nailed it here! Awesome sauce!

To improve:
More often than not, I become more frustrated at the game, rather than at myself when I die. This is especially apparent with deaths related to the big spikes, consider decreasing and being a bit more lenient with their hitbox? ie. Dying feels unfair when its related to the spikes.

Also, I think the dying animation and their respective transitions could be a tad bit faster, this is exceptionally important because your game is centered around this difficulty, where dying is expected. Once again, think Celeste, their death animation is extremely fast, and the music never really stops (so the flow keeps on keeping on).

Anyway, awesome stuff here!

JJGamez64 responds:

Game just received a big update that addresses many of these points. Give it a second look and if you're happy with it, tell us with an extra half or full star ;)

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I, too, welcome our duck overlords.

I like hard games a bit too much for my sanity.


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